PHOTO - Scappoose, Oregon
PHOTO - Glenn on Washington State Capitol Dome teaching rope rescue
PHOTO - Scappose, Oregon - Low Angle Rescue Training
PHOTO - Scappose, Oregon - Lowering a Victim in a Rescue Basket
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Progressive Rescue Technician I & II is a 40 hour course in rope rescue techniques. The course was developed to enable the student to combine the Progressive Rescue Technician Course I and II in a convenient five day package that runs $795 per student. The course begins with a classroom review of equipment, knots and safety. The class then moves outside for "hands on" work in rappelling, belaying, mechanical advantage raising system, packaging, pickoff, knot passing and possible highline.

Progressive Rescue Awareness in low angle rescue is a 24 hour course that runs $495 per student. The course begins with a classroom review of equipment, knots, safety, patient packaging, mechanical advantage raising and lowering system.

The rope course meets NFPA 1670, 1006 and CCR Registered.

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Course Special: Upon completion of your course(s), you'll receive a discount off Rope Rescue Equipment from Progressive Rescue Solutions (PRS). Download the PRS Product Catalog and call Glenn Dreyer at 360-239-0939 with your equipment list to get your savings.

Training For:

  • Fire & Rescue Agencies
  • Industrial Rescue Teams
  • Law Enforcement/Tactical
  • Mountain Rescue Teams
  • Military/Special Forces
  • Homeland Security
  • International Classes

Open Enrollment or Private Classes:

  • Low Angle Rope Rescue
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • Forcible Entry Techniques
  • Rescue Tools & Equipment
  • Tactical Rope Training for Special Operations
  • Special Rescue - Elevator & Mechanical Rescue



Technical Rescue Northwest's instructor, Glenn M. Dreyer, has been in fire service since 1974 and a career fire fighter since 1984. Glenn has his IFSAC Fire Instructor I, II and III as well as his National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (PROBOARD Accreditation) Fire Service Instructor I, II, and III and his Fire Service Instructor I, II, and III from the Maryland Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board, Inc. He's been teaching basic rope rescue courses since 1992 and is the senior rope instructor in his department. He teaches both high angle and low angle rescue. Glenn has made it a priority to attend training regularly to keep up his skills and knowledge.


For Training, contact:

Glenn Dreyer at 360-239-0939 or

For Equipment Sales contact:

Jerry Smith
Progressive Rescue Solutions, Inc.
2181 Liough Dr
Clarkdale, AZ 86324

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